Why There Is No Redemption In Wealth

We live in bizarre times when so many believe strange things about their gospels. We live in a time when many believe The Bible tells us to acquire money as a path to God. When some say that God shows his love to truly faithful followers by adorning them with wealth. There are many multi-millionaire preachers and gurus in this country and in the world. The ones in the United States tend to be Christian leaders, but Christianity is by no means that only place this is happening. India has its rich charlatans as well, for example The Bling Guru who was just convicted of raping 2 women and sent to prison for 20 years. And there are many more.

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Mythology Is The Key To Seeing Truth In All Religions

When we hear the word “myth”, many of us think untrue. As if myth is synonymous with lie or fairy tale. But the truth is that myths are actually much more than just stories. Myths are written with the intention of reflecting our own inner stories. We read them or hear them or what gets through is own truth. Consider a church where the pastor is sharing a story about Jesus on some Sunday morning. No matter what the story, there will be a different version heard by everyone in attendance. Each one will filter the words through their own inner dramas and untold and undiscovered realities. The literal words will be twisted by every Ego that hears them, while the mythology contained within those words remains untouched. This is the work of early masters and the masters of today. The universal truth is found inside, imperturbable by the preferences who touch upon it, even for thousands of years.

Everything Is A Reflection Of Who We Really Are

The spiritual path is a path inward. It is not a path to another country or another religion or another culture. It is a path that takes us towards the truth of who we really are. Though that path may involve many outward manifestations like religions and spiritual practices, or not, the ideal goal is Self discovery, as in, discovering the Self that exist within each of us. It is the Self which emanates all that is. Not only is the Self the core of who we are, it is everything we are. That which does not exist within the Self is illusion. The Self is Love. Love is all there is. You are Love. You are all there is.


Religion Is A Pathway To Nothing

Throughout the world, billions of people participate in one form of religion or another. Even outside the well known recognized religions like Islam Christianity and Judaism, there are countless others practicing one form of worship or another. And though we could get into a lengthy discussion of the philosophical and political nature of religions, beyond all those ideas there is one underlying and universal intention to religion, which is to bring a believer to God. Whether it’s through faith, acts, rituals, service, devotion, chanting, yoga or whatever, the intention is to introduce the individual to God, and hopefully, to allow that individual to develop a lasting relationship with God.

Coming To God

Most of us have at some point in our lifetimes tried to imagine an image of God in our minds. Even Atheists probably have some idea in their minds of an entity they do not believe in. An image of something that does not exist. But for the faithful world, the idea of God carries with it the need, for most people, to establish an image of God as we imagine it to be. This is because the ears hear that God is infinite, and yet the mind cannot grasp the notion of something that is infinite in nature. So instead we create a mask for God to wear so that we can have a relationship with something. And yet God is not a thing and God is all things.

Something That Is Nothing

So what is the point of having a relationship with something if it is not real? If it is nothing? You might ask this question, and, then consider the value of having a relationship with your reflection in the mirror. Do you consider the reflection to be real? Is it something you can reach out and touch? Can you interact with it? Or do you know, deep down inside, that your reflection is actually you? And that it is a great source of feedback about how you look? This is the point of Gods, in essence. To give you a reflex of yourself that is based on reality, and ideally, non-preference.

Gods And Gurus Are All The Same

Many people are searching for the “correct” path or the “right” religion. Often I wonder if those searches are actually more about finding a path that’s easy. Meaning, “one that doesn’t make me change”. Again, using the mirror analogy, what is the point of even checking the mirror if you’re not going to do anything about it? And that doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t. There are no rules, really. In my view, you can’t mess up the ultimate path no matter what you do. We all die. We all return to where we came from. Nobody gets out alive. But truthfully, being on a path is not about that kind of salvation. It’s about finding some happiness and peace in the here and now. And ultimately, that’s why I say that all Gods and Gurus are the same. They’re just mirrors. They reflect the same person. You. And you seeing that reflection and choosing (or not) to do something about it is what really matters.


In The Beginning…

So how does one go about starting the first post of a new blog? What to post? Welcome? Hey, thanks for coming by? It’s not an easy thing to just start writing, but in fact, that’s what this blog is all about. Writing. Sharing. Collaborating and discussing. It is my sincere hope that you enjoy this blog. It’s been planned for a long time because I’m long winded and have lots to say, but also lazy. So now that the initial barriers have been overcome and it’s time to start writing, here goes!

What Is The Point Of Creation Mythology?

What Is The Point Of Creation Mythology?

It’s probably the first thing we learn as spiritual beings. Whether in church or from books, that God created the Heavens and the Earth and everything else that followed. All the way up to you and me and here and now. We are taught that these things  we’ll call “facts” are the basis of all that exists, and the explanation for everything that’s come about. Then, as devoted believers, we are taught not to question this history and just to have faith without firm evidence that all these facts are true. Amen.

For many people, if not most people, this explanation of how things happened goes without question. They are the good believers and faithfully attend to their learning and never give it a second thought. But for many people, it can become a source of frustration and confusion as they grow into adults and become intellectuals with a scientific education and the ability to apply critical thought. Try to find common ground with facts from science and stories from scripture is an effort fraught with great danger. Many will tend to discard their learning, from one side or the other, and then end up without any real answers to their deeper questions.

The Way They Work Together

In the modern age, we rely so much on technology that we don’t give it a second thought. Yes when it comes to modern spiritual practice, it seems so many of us are stuck in the dark ages. We live in a time when ignorance is championed as a new way of thinking. We ignore the facts and just make up new ones that suit our preferences and pre-conceived notions. We make things up to justify our fears and give them depth and truth. We live in a time when literal words are twisted to mean things they never meant.

The Way They Work TogetherBut that is the beauty of mythology. It doesn’t matter what the literal words say because that’s not where the most important information is anyway. That information is written into the myth behind the words, where preferences and politics cannot touch. That’s what makes these words so eternal. They are timeless because they speak to all of us on a deeper level and inform us about ourselves and the lives we are living. A creation myth, whether it’s about the God of The Bible or the Hawaiian Demigod Maui, teaches us the beginnings of our own mystery and our ability to manifest the lives we long for if we are brave enough to answer the call.

What does it mean to “answer the call”? It means opening to life as a greater mystery than what we can see with our mortal eyes. Hopefully, in the best of cases, answering the call means to become devoted to a life with an open heart. To become ur own spiritual warriors, in whatever form that may be, and to honor the mystery as much as the seen world. To become devoted to a life of unconditional love for it all and gratitude for the life we already have.

~With love,
Guru Dave.